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Friday, September 15, 2006

Singles Released 11th September

John Power - Jumpin' Bean/Willow Weep

No sooner has Justin Timberlake brought the sexy back than John Power comes to take it away again. Who in their right mind wants their bass to sound like a German um-pah band? Just turn the volume down and marvel at his labradoodle-like bouncy, curly hair.

James Yorkston - Steady As She Goes

Disappointingly not a banjo cover of The Raconteurs. In the hope of alleviating the disappointment here are a couple of Yorkston covers. The first of Tim Buckley and the second of a traditional folk song.

James Yorkston - Song to the Siren via

James Yorkston - I Know My Love via MySpace

Fergie - London Bridge

Disappointingly not a cover of the nursery rhyme; as evidenced by the opening lines, "Oh shit, oh shit, oh shit'. There's something seriously wrong with Fergie's face.

Katie Melua - It's Only Pain

I was hoping Katie Melua was going to write a triptych of songs telling us how many bicycles there are in certain major cities. I'm in a minority of one with this but I applaud her for writing lyrics that The Decembrists would have rejected as too daft. With this song she's returned to dull predictability with the aptly titled It's Only Pain. And she comes a poor third in the bouncy hair stakes behind Power and Kooks frontman Luke Pritchard (who is, apparantly, the subject of this song).

Peak of the Week: Larrikin Love - Happy As Annie

It's been too long since Dexy's Midnight Runners sent banjos and fiddles to the top of the charts but they make a welcome return with Larrikin Love. Add to that rockabilly guitars and an Adam Ant-esque vocal performance and you're on to a winner.

If that wasn't enough, visit the band's website and you could, "win a customised soprano ukulele signed by Edward Larrikin". You're not going to get a better offer than that.

Bromheads Jacket - Trip to the Golden Arches

I bet Lynne Truss really hates this band. Another load of Sheffield blokes writing documentary songs about the city's chavs and slags (of which there is a generous abundance). This time he was off for a bag of chips and it all went a bit Falling Down. Who says there ain't no romance around here?

Oh yeah, them lot. Bromheads were featured on The OC after Arctic Monkeys told the OC to bugger off. This track as it happens:

What If's + Maybe's via their website.

So that's where the apostrophe went.


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