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Tuesday, September 19, 2006

International Talk Like A Pirate Day: Part 2

Yaaargh, me hearties. Thar be nowhere I'd rather be come White Stockin Day than aboard a man o' war with this here pair o' buxom beauties an' if any of you laggards disagree I'll have ya keelhauled thricely before we round Cape Horn, yaaargh. *cough* *splutter* I don't want to bring International Talk Like A Pirate Day into disrepute but can I stop this now?

To the disappointment of all involved, Peggy Sue and the Pirates don't contain anyone called Peggy Sue or any pirates. They are in fact KatyBeth 'KLAW' Young and Rosa 'REX' Slade and they go together, by all accounts, like shooby doo and whop bam boo.

Yes, they're a girl band from Brighton with a penchant for shoo-be-doops and doo-doo-dooohs. No, they don't sound anything like The Pipettes. They do, however, have the same sense of fun and knack for a good tune. The centrepiece of their sound, usually accompanied only by a bouncing acoustic bassline, is their vocals - inhabiting the same area of 'just unusual enough to be interesting without being annoying' as Regina Spektor and occasionally stretch to being in the same league as Nina Simone.

They have recently received attention thanks to support from Mercury nominee and former Lamb singer Lou Rhodes.

Despite what it may look like, I haven't chosen this band just because of their name. They're probably my favourite unsigned band at the moment. Tunes like this aaargh more than enough to keep an old salty seadog's cockles warm from here to Botany Bay and no mistake, yaaargh.

Peggy Sue and the Pirates - Lipstick

Peggy Sue and the Pirates - Rockabilly

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