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Saturday, September 23, 2006

Singles Released 18th September

Long awaited returns for The Lemonheads and The Bluetones this week along with much shorter awaited returns for Jet and The Killers. All of which are perfectly listenable but unlikely to win over vast swathes of new fans.

Any fans of Lemonheads style tuneful indie rocking would be well advised to check out this track.

Sam Roberts Band - The Gate via MySpace

Peak of the Week: 12 Stone Toddler - The Rabbit

Tonight we're going to party like it's 1947. Or, more accurately, like it's 1997 and we're pretending it's 1947. Ten years after the Gap advert, Swingers and Brian Setzer, the swing revival hits the UK. Lindy-hopping, stand-up bass and blaring brass are all present and correct. Rather less welcome is the continued revival of blacking up following League of Gentlemen and Kate Moss.

OK Go - Here It Goes Again

Go on, watch it one more time. You know you want to. OK Go seem to have grasped, or stumbled upon, something about the YouTube revolution i.e. the picture quality is terrible. This happens with all changes in the way music is consumed. The sound on radio was worse than on records, the sound on TV was worse than the radio, the sound and pictures on YouTube are worse than on telly. In these times the rule is KISS (Keep It Simple, Stupid) and OK Go have both 'simple' and 'stupid' by the ton.

Little known fact: Before becoming YouTube's favourite dancing monkeys, OK Go were an indie-rock band. It might just be the endless repetition but this song is starting to sound really good. It's certainly better than Million Ways which didn't grow on me no matter how many times I heard it. Someone better buy it or they'll stop making videos.

The Zutons - Oh Stacey

Look guys, I know she's the only reason your dreary, sub-Coral songs get on the tele so she can stay in the band. However, you have to take the sax away. She must have been playing for years and shows no sign of advancing beyond the artless-honking stage. So just have her stand up front pouting.

The 747s - Death of a Star

Every time I read about The 747s I'm told they're destined for stardom because they appeared on an Arctic Monkeys b-side. Their songs are more left field and less immediate than the Monkeys' but still radio-friendly enough to win them a few fans. World domination still a way off, though.

The 747s - Elaine
via their BBC inspired website

Nicky Wire - Break My Heart Slowly

At least now we know why he left the tunes to the fat ones in the band.

Psapp - Hi

Never mind the song, play the cat game

Steve Brookstein - Fighting Butterflies

The limp, wimpiness of this effort by the former X-Factor man suggests that he would probably lose if he attempted to fight a butterfly.


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