Shotgun, Bastard and Dribble

Sunday, December 17, 2006

Singles Released 18th December

Slim pickings this week. Funny how just last night I desperately wanted Leona to win X-Factor, and this morning I'm hoping her single is a huge flop. Ah, the fickle British public.

Peak of the Week: Eskimo Dance feat. Pingu - 7 11

We're due a cartoon character at number one for Christmas. It's been too long since Bob the Builder.

Jeremy Warmsley - Dirty Blue Jeans

The released version is nowhere near as much fun as this kitchen sink, baritone ukulele version. Warmsley seems to have a knack for writing a great tune then burying it under layers pointless filigree.

I Keep The City Burning (Demo) via his website

Sunday, December 03, 2006

Singles Released 4th December

Time for all music lovers to take cover as the shit storm of Christmas records makes its way ominously over the horizon. Early runners this week include Pugwash and Friends (the friends including Neil 'Divine Comedy' Hannon and Dave 'XTC' Gregory), I Monster, The Houghton Weavers and, inevitably, Slade.

Peak of the Week: Paolo Nutini - Rewind

He gets PotW on sympathy alone. The bloke develops a cracked, whiskey-soaked, soulful voice; lyrics full of regret and longing; and then people go and compare him to James Blunt. Poor sod.

Lil Chris - Getting Enough

Video of the week for the cheeky scampster. Running into the Buzzcock's garden and scrumping the chorus of Ever Fallen In Love With Someone? and dashing away as Pete Shelley shakes his fist and shouts, "You come back here wi' my tune ya thieving rapscallion."

The Rapture - Whoo! Alright-Yeah...Uh Huh

Zippety do dah! Giggady, giddady! And so forth.

The Rapture - Get Myself Into It via betterPropaganda

Kristeen Young - London Cry

No shortage of A-list support for this metal Kate Bush. Signed to Morrissey's record label, produced by Tony Visconti, duet with David Bowie, and - make sure you're sitting down before you read this - a duet with Brian Molko.

Their website entreaties fans to 'please purchase at REAL, WALK-IN SHOPS.... Like Virgin or HMV. These are the only purchases that count for the British record charts.' Even with such tactics, I somehow doubt this single is going to be troubling Take That too much; or even The MacDonald Brothers for that matter.