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Thursday, November 30, 2006

Singles Released 27th November

Peak of the Week: Kelly Joe Phelps - Big Shaky

Along with Bob Brozman and Jerry Douglas, Kelly Joe Phelps is one of the kings of lap steel guitar playing (as proved in this YouTube clip). However, in the last few years he seems to have abandoned the lap steel in favour of more conventional playing methods.

The latest album, Tunesmith Retrofit, continues this trend. Big Shaky is a showcase for his loose, bluesy folk music; his guitar playing; and his propulsive rhythm section. I still think it's a shame he doesn't play lap steel anymore - there are plenty of great guitarists around, it's good to hear invention brought to the lap steel. Even more of a shame about the harmonica on this track.

Kelly Joe Phelps - Big Shaky

Kelly Joe Phelps - The Anvil

Via his website

Matchsticks - Duvet

Glasgow electroclashers. Used to be called Flying Matchstick Men. Opening for Human League. Kitsch, catchy, annoying. Take your pick.

Flying Matchstick Men - Duvet (Demo) via One Records

The King Blues - Mr Music Man

The ukuleles are taking over; don't say I didn't warn you.

The King Blues are a London squatter band who make acoustic, politically conscious ska music. They count, left wing activist and writer of Pirates of the Caribbean, Tariq Ali. According to Ali, The King Blues make, "rough, radical music that should unsettle the rulers of this country." It's hard to imagine Blair having too many restless nights over this pleasant, summery ditty; but best of luck to them.

This ukulele kills fascists.

The King Blues - Mr Music Man (Demo) via their website.