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Monday, October 23, 2006

Singles Released 23rd October

Peak of the Week: Amy Winehouse - Rehab

I'm always a little disappointed when rockstars go into rehab. They're supposed to be wasted and unpredictable; they're supposed to be living the dream; they're supposed to act like they're immortal then die. They're not supposed to be like Tom Keane and toddle off the The Priory because they've eaten too many Jelly Tots.

Winehouse's appearance on The Charlotte Church Show proves she hasn't gone to rehab (oh no, no, no). Even when she's off her face and not even trying, she's far more exciting, interesting and sexy than Church's predictable professionalism could ever be. Yes, it's a train wreck, but watching a train wreck is far more exciting than watching a train travel slowly along the track.

Apparently, they had to do three takes of this song and this was the best one.

She was obviously much closer to sober when she recorded the single. It's a picture of pig-headed defiance against calls for good sense and conformity. Protest song of the decade.

The Horrors - Count In Fives

They look and sound like a New York Dolls tribute band staffed entirely by Noel Fieldings. What's not to love?

Yes Boss - Tongues In Knots

The latest from Yes Boss features Tom Woodhead off of of iForward, Russia!, who is the walking definition of the wimpy, skinny, band boys that Yes Boss was railing against and throwing of a multi-story carpark in his previous single Indie Kids.

Yes Boss - Hot Chip vs. Yes Boss via MySpace

Gym Class Heroes - New Friend Request

God Lord, there are a lot of songs about MySpace:

Dustin and The Furniture - Your MySpace Comments Won't Save You via MySpace

Maxwell's House - MySpace Makes Me Happy via his website

Happy Elf - My MySpace via MySpace

Chicks On Speed - My Space via MySpace

One thing connects them: they're universally terrible.