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Thursday, October 05, 2006

Singles Released 25th September

Singles from David Hasselhoff and Gina G in the same week? It's clear that God is punishing us for something. All that remains is to find out what. My guess is Ryan Adams' rapping.

Peak of the Week: The Black Keys - Your Touch

After the understated, contract-fulfilling Chulahoma, their new album Magic Potion is a return to the gigantic riffery that they do so well. Expect guitar shops to ring with the sound of Modern Times in the near future (anything but 7 Nation Army would be a blessed relief).

Candie Payne - Take Me

Candie Payne lists Serge Gainsbourg as one of major influences and a quick listen to the songs on her MySpace confirms this devotion. Luckily, she carries of the James Bond guitars, swirling strings, throbbing bass and lusty vocals with a great deal of style.

Take Me has a more up-tempo, poppy, psychedelic feel which has seen her get airplay on BBCs 2 and 6. I for one can't wait to hear an album's worth of this stuff.

Take Me is backed by this smoky version of Iggy Pop's Nightclubbin'

Candie Payne - Nightclubbin'

Buy Take Me on iTunes

Angus and Julia Stone - Chocolates & Cigarettes

At the moment Australia is famous for churning out Dad Rock and animal teasing morons which is unfortunate as there are a huge number of talented singer-songwriters coming out of the country at the moment. Angus and Julia Stone are a case in point. I'd advise skipping the first section of this video with the loud-mouthed, 80's virago and on to the soft, lilting song. Quite why they decided to film this in what looks to be Sydney's hobo-murder capital, I don't know.

Razorlight - America

Common wisdom has it that in order to be a popstar these days you have be primped, buffed and pumped and survive on a strict diet of nettles and pencil shavings. Razorlight give hope to all uglies wanting a pop career. They must also be a comfort to dull, talentless numpties who churn out songs that sound like Haircut 100 cast-offs.

Trivium - Anthem (We Are the Fire)

One of the most disturbing trends of the last few years has been New Metal. What made the old metal bearable was it's tongue-in-cheek nature (evidenced by the number of bands claiming to be the inspiration of Spinal Tap). Even when it was trying to be funny New Metal was hopelessly po-faced. So we can all be grateful for the return of ridiculous hair metal.

This week sees releases from Sikth, Disturbed (who show they're kidding by covering Genesis) and the overlords of the resurgence Trivium (hilariously named after a medieval system of education).

Trivium - Like Light to the Flies via their website

Sikth - Mary Anne Hobbs Jingle via their MySpace

Love Is All - Make Out Fall Out Make Up

Delightfully higgledy-piggledy indie-pop. Perhaps God is just punishing those idiot enough to inflict Hoff and Gina on themselves while allowing us to listen to the good stuff like this:

Love Is All - Talk, Talk, Talk, Talk

Love Is All - Busy Doing Nothing

Via their website.

Hassle the Hoff all you like. He talks to his car and Pamela Anderson as if they're sentient human beings. He's obviously a mental.


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