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Sunday, October 15, 2006

Singles Released 16/10

Give me the Nobel Prize right now; I've discovered a way to go back in time: enter your local stereo-plate emporium, walk up to the new releases and be transported back to 1986 as you look at names like Meat Loaf, Tim Finn, Deacon Blue, Paul Carrack and, great googally-moogly, Shakin' Stevens.

Peak of the Week: The Blueskins - Change My Mind

A welcome re-release of this uptempo blues-rocker thanks to the hip, but decidedly cheap smelling, people of Axe/Lynx. Third best acoustic slide riff ever (after Beck's Loser and France Gall's Les Petits Ballons).

The Shakes - Liberty Jones

More Libertine-a-likes. I, for one, am still not bored of it.

The Shakes - Racy Rachel via MySpace

The Switches - Lay Down the Law

Most of the time they sound like you'd expect a band that's currently supporting Graham Coxon to: lo-fi with hummable tunes. On this single the rhythm section seem to have taken their cues from a North Korean marching band. Not much fun at all.

The Switches - Right the Wrong (demo) via MySpace

Ooberman - Crashing Ellipticals

One of the great forgotten bands of the 90s. They came along after Britpop had died on its hairy arse. People were too preoccupied trying to be glum to listen to joyful, orchestral pop tunes. It's a shame since Shorley Wall is a classic.

Here's the first single from their latest effort:

Ooberman - Carried Away via MySpace

The Broken Family Band - You're Like A Woman

Actually, probably better if you ignore the video. Hairy shoulders + strappy top = not a good look (take note Cheryl Tweedy).

The BFB seem to have ditched, and even taking the piss out of, their country sound in favour of rocking out with this single. They haven't left behind their way with a good tune.

Broken Family Band - Honest Man's Blues via their website

Kate Havnevik - Unlike Me

Does the world need another nutty Scando singing trippy pop songs? Yes.

Kate Havnevik - Show Me Love via her website

Absentee - There's A Body In A Car Somewhere

Inhabiting the little trod territory between The Magic Numbers and Arab Strap, There's A Body In A Car Somewhere features a perky guitar, a whistleable tune, Scotch mumbling and murder serving as a metaphor for relationship breakdown.

This is their earlier single Something To Bang:

Absentee - Something To Bang via MySpace


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