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Thursday, October 12, 2006

I'm Sure There'll Be More Than One Unpleasant Surprise Before We're Done

Two years on and John Peel Day is still going strong. It's hard to imagine that for any other DJ. Chris Moyles Day anyone? Well, the thought of his death has some appeal.

Taking a leaf out of the great man's book, I'll stop the moronic babbling and get to the music. Here are some Peel session tracks from long standing favourites:

Ivor Cutler

The Scotch Peel Poet Laureate had already notched up 10 Peel sessions when The Fall were but in a glint in Granny's bongos.

From 1969 Bounce, Bounce, Bounce

From 1977 Get Away From the Wall

From 1983 Women of the World

From 1994 (20th Peel session) Sharks


Half Man Half Biscuit

From 1998 Deep House Victims' Minibus Appeal

From 1998 Four Skinny Indie Kids

From 1999 24 Hour Garage People

Via their website

Laura Cantrell

From 2001 Legend In My Time

From the 2003 Christmas show with Ballboy I Lost You

From last year's Peel Day Concert Nightclothes



For something less obvious. Masonna were one of the acts to appear at the 1998 Meltdown Festival that Peel curated. He described Masonna as, "a really quite frightening Japanese specialist in extreme noise."

Shock Rock Track 2 via

Other Stuff

Download Mighty Fall goodies including MES scribble fonts

Translate everything bleeding you write into fuckin' Mark E Smith language-ah.

Listen to last year's Peel Day show featuring Super Furry Animals, The Mighty Fall, Laura Cantrell, Misty in Roots, Venetian Snares, Jawbone and New Order.

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