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Monday, October 16, 2006

Thee SPC Part 2: The Mardy Bums

It's so rare that the true originators of a scene get their due.

Without The Mardy Bums, there could not have been an Arctic Monkeys. The Monkeys' devotion to The Bums is obvious in their down-to-earth, documentary lyrics; catchy tunes; their attitude; they even went so far as to name one of their songs after the band.

Of course, the imitators can never match the originators. The Monkeys never capture the true Sheffield of whippets, Sean Bean and flat caps; their accents lack the 'wandering scouse' quality of the true Sheffield accent displayed by The Mardy Bums; their chav-chic missing the full beard so loved round these parts.

It's unfortunate but inevitable that a band containing so much talent couldn't stay together long. The original line-up (Oliver, Piers, Tarquin and Barty) fell apart recently due to a series of Tap-esque misfortunes. Oliver, Piers and Barty left to be replaced by Tarquin, Tarquin and Tarquin.

Their greatest song, Put Wood In Hole, mentions the Wicker which is a Sheffield road famous for being the home of the world's greatest fast food innovation. The Wicker boasts a puzzling number of 'Halal Fried Chicken' outlets one of which offers a 'Wicker Naan'. I'm not sure how much of a following The Wicker Man has in the Muslim community, but - even if it's none at all - it's the best culinary pun ever. Even better than lychees on toast.

The Mardy Bums - Put Wood In Hole

The Mardy Bums - Does It Say Doormat On Me Back?

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