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Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Singles Released 9th October

Peak of the Week: Cerys Matthews - Streets of New York

On her new album, Never Said Goodbye, Matthews has found a fruitful third way between the laid-back country stylings of her solo debut, Cockahoop, and the big, singalong choruses of Catatonia. Best of all, she's giving this single away for nowt.

Cerys Matthews - Streets of New York via her website

Beck - Cell Phone's Dead

Do you know what's to blame for the increasing secularistion in the West? Mobile phones. People used to head off into danger knowing that God was with them. Now they just have to check their mobile's charged up.

In days of old if you ran into trouble you had to shine a bat symbol into the sky and hope for the best. Now people know that, depending on the situation, they can call the police, the Samaritans, their mum or the Ghostbusters. That's why every horror film made in the last ten years has had to include the line, "My cell phone's dead".

The lyrics don't seem to be addressing this subject (or any subject at all):

Still, it's a pleasent enough ditty and he's giving it away free.

Beck - Cell Phone's Dead via Amp Camp

Johann Johannsson - The Sun’s Gone Dim & The Sky’s Turned Black

It's obvious from this video, of a performance of his, snappily titled, IBM401 A Users Manual that Johannsson is a creative, avantguard kind of a guy. But, where does he get it from? His parents couldn't come up with anything better than Johann Johannsson.

Tabby Callaghan - Take A Swing

Now that X-Factor has moved into its dull final stages, the remaining acts will be dreaming of fame to match that of the likes of Phillip Magee, 2 to Go and Tabby Callaghan.

If you don't remember, forshame, Tabby was the Irish rocker who gladly ditched his band to advance his own career. Such a cut-throat lack of loyalty should have served in well in the music biz but he has since disappeared. This lumpy piece of dull-rock might answer the mystery.

Tabby Callaghan - Won't Let Go via his website

Die! Die! Die! - Ashtray! Ashtray!

Finally, an antipodean band that don't sound like they've been encased in aspic since the mid-70's. With Steve Albini on knob-twiddling duties these exclamation loving New Zealanders are definitely a band to watch.

Die! Die! Die! - Out of the Blue via MySpace.

JJ Appleton - Walk Into The Room

Forget the single and just listen to Appleton's protest song about the RIAA and their 'I sue dead people' stance.

JJ Appleton - Downloaders Blues via his website


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